About us


Muebles Fundidos Artísticos was founded by Mr. Anastasio Calderón Martínez who started the company Fundido Universal in 1956. The main purpose of this company was assembling foundry pieces for renowned, world-class companies like: Siemens, New Holland and General Electric among others.


Thanks to the progress and experience achieved by Fundido Universal, Muebles Fundidos Artísticos was founded in 1985 providing variety, quality and confidence thanks to our trained staff.


Quality, Guarantee, Our Competent Staff and the Satisfaction of our Clients resulted undoubtedly - and continue achieving - in success in Mexico and abroad.


Today Muebles Fundidos Artísticos produces detailed pieces at a mass scale for Municipalities, Decorators, Construction Companies, Housing Complexes and hotels like: Riu, Allegro Resort and Hyatt among others.



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